Friday, September 26, 2014

Part 12: Falkreath

And thus, it begins.

I woke up a little late this morning, but eager to get on the road. I'm heading south today, towards Falkreath, so I can try and find the Dark Brotherhood entrance. I've been told by the Commander to try and get rid of all of them inside, and I'm more than willing to. Then, I can tell everyone they have nothing to fear anymore.

I sold off my pelts, so Arrow has a lot of room on back, as well as in his saddlebags.

See you later, Whiterun!

Onward to Falkreath!

Funny, I don't remember that last time I was at Helgen...

Oh, hello there! I see you're flourishing in a town full of dead people!

I found a couple farmers when I just about reached Falkreath. I felt sorry, as they had been run out by the dragon, and were afraid on where to live. I decided to give them what they would accept.

I wish people would accept higher amounts, at this point, I'm a rich man compared to how I started out. But, I'm pretty frugal with my money.

For some reason, I thought Falkreath would be bigger...looks like a backwater town.

I wouldn't be able to accept, fair one. I'm a spoken for man. Ysolda is awaiting my love at home.

I sit down at the bar, and an Orc warrior walked over from the other side of the room, plopping herself down, close to my personal space. I give a polite "please get out of my space" look, and she snorts.

"What's a milk-drinker like you doing here?" she snorts out, grabbing her tankard to take a large gulp. As she exhaled, I coughed lightly, the fumes strong.

"Excuse me? I don't think you should talk to me like that." I said politely.

The orc let out a bellowing laugh, silence falling in the tavern. "And what are you going to do about it, cry, milk-drinker?"

You could hear a cup drop it was so silent. The barkeeper shifted back a bit, grabbing the nearby sack of coins on the bar.

I set my bottle of ale down and turned to her. I was fed up with being poked, prodded and anylized wherever I went. I am just a man trying to get by in this world of Skyrim. "I don't want any trouble." I try to persuade her to back off.

She shoved me off the stool and I crashed to the ground, my drink going everywhere. "Gods, you're so boring!" The orc took out her mace and started swinging it at me, and I struggled back, trying to get at my axe.

The bard seemed to take this as a cue to sing Ragnar the Red and I rolled my eyes.

The patrons cheered me on and I swung wildly at the orc, catching her right across the throat. Blood sprayed gracefully across the room, and everyone ducked out of the way. She was dead before she hit the floor.

I stood in the pool of blood growing from her body and turned to the barkeeper, handing her 100 gold. "Here...sorry about the mess...I'll just...go now." I walk out, trying not to meet the eyes of anyone looking at me. A few whispers went around and I ducked out of the door hurriedly.

The Jarl's house is decorated nicely. I actually like those banners a lot.

Can never have too much firewood. Especially when your life may depend on it. After that, I run across a small graveyard near the town's House of the Dead, with shrines of Arkay around. I tip my head to the shrine as I pass, paying my respect.

A woman and her husband look to be having a funeral, so I stay and give some moral support. When the ceremony ended, the woman spoke with the priest a bit longer and I went up to the man to give my condolences and ask who had died so I could remember them in my next meditation.

I put my hand out to comfort him and he nodded, holding back tears. "What was her name?"

"Lavinia." he said softly.

"I will be sure to remember her." I said, speaking honestly. I want a child of my own one day, and I can't even imagine what her parents must be going through, having to bury their only daughter.

Talking to a few other people around the town, I learn that she had actually been murdered, and they had the murderer, Sinding, in the local jail. I decide to visit the man and look him in the eyes.

An odd jail, for sure. A standing pool of water came up to the prisoner's knees. When he noticed me, he started walking up to talk.

"No, Sinding, I just want to know why you killed Lavinia."

He gave a deep, shaky sigh. "It wasn't anything I wanted to do. I just...lost control." He looked up, pleading. "I tried to tell them, but they didn't believe me. It's all on account of a blasted ring!"

I looked at him, confused. "What ring?"

Sinding held up his hand. "This is the Ring of Hircine. I was told it would let me control my transformations." He swirled it around his finger and shrugged. "Perhaps it used to. But I'll never know now. Hircine didn't care for my taking it, and threw a curse on it. I put it on, and the changes just came to me...I could never guess when. It would be at the worst of times." He put a hand over his face. "Like with the little girl. I had just come to Falkreath, helping at the mill. I thought it would be safe--something I could do."

"So what are your plans, then, before you die?" I ask.

"I want to beg Hircine for forgiveness. Give him back the ring. But while I'm stuck here, the beast wanders free."

"I am sorry for your fate." I nod to him, and he walks back down to his pool of water, looking up through the barred windows.

With it dark, I travel up the road a short way and find my way to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

It is very ominous.

It'll be okay, Arrow, I'll be back! You stay here!

With a deep breath, I start towards the door.

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  1. I don't know where my comment went, it disappeared. In case it doesn't come back, I said going into the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary must be scary for Markus. :O

  2. "The Jarl's house is decorated nicely. I actually like those banners alot."
    Alot isn't a word.

    1. Is that the only thing you got out of the post? Pointing out my mistakes? Thanks.

    2. Yeah, that's on me. I rarely have anything of substance to add besides pointing out technical errors.