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Part 4: A Mining Adventure

As of this post, I've added in the Hunterborn mod, which you can see on the sidebar of the blog or by visiting the Introduction page. For this mod to work, I've also installed Sky UI, which basically overhauls the menus and such to make it better for mouse/keyboard usage. I've always had an issue with misclicking on items in the menu, or it just sometimes didn't plain work. So this is what my menu looks like now:

It is about 5am and I'm going out to do some hunting. I pass by a couple guards and they don't really say anything interesting. Something about bandits and my map was updated, but this guy kind of peaked my interest:

A house called Breezehome, huh? And all I have to do is talk to the steward so he can sell me the home? I sure hope it isn't too expensive.

Walking out into the fresh morning air, I take in the view, filling my lungs with Skyrim freshness. And then immedately cough because the horse stables are right there. Which reminds me, I really need to get some gold up so I can travel a good ways on a horse.

I might head over to Riverwood again today to see how the hunting in that area is. The plains out here are just too wide open.

Good thing I know where Riverwood is. Otherwise, this sign is useless for navigating there.

Checking my quests, I am reminded of the job I was forced upon. I really don't want to follow up on war rumors. I'm just not very interested in this whole Stormcloak vs Imperials, and I think the whole thing is a load of--

--looks like it's going to rain. Good thing I have my cloak then. I bring my cloak around me closer, trying to shield the rain.

About four seconds later, I run into this guy. He's leading a very ornately painted cow towards the giant camp. He explains that this is part of a ritual the giants and farmers have to live together harmoniously. I ask if he needs any help, but he turns me down, saying that he'll probably go to the inn to have a drink afterwards.

I actually followed him for a bit, hoping that I could save him from almost certain death by giants, when:

He got stuck. I stood there for about a minute seeing if he would move, but he would just keep turning in place. Oh well, at least he won't die by a giant's hand!

Also, updated duds picture:

Looking way more hunter-like, though, I've really gotta get a shirt, my exposure sucks right now. I have to admire my apparent work-out schedule, I've got some major abs going on!

Passing through Riverwood (now rather nice without a heavy mist around it), I am set upon by a pair of wild wolves. I make short work of them and get to work dressing them down.

I manage to get quite a lot of meat off of them, but my skills aren't good yet for getting pelts, and as of yet, I have no hunting knife, so I ruin the pelts. Dag-blast these clumsy fingers!

I contemplate shooting the fish jumping upriver a moment, then continue up the road, sneaking along hoping that prey will drop into my lap. Because I really suck at the bow right now.

Hmm. Wonder where this leads.

My spidey senses go off, and I realize that I've discovered Embershard Mine. I think about it a moment, if I can find a pickaxe or something in there, I could probably mine iron, and I've also found random iron pockets around the Whiterun city area. That could be pretty useful.

I head towards the mine, sheathing my bow. Only to have to unsheath my axe directly after, as a bandit attacked me. He was standing right outside the mine entrance.

These guys should probably just learn to talk things out. Good thing Markus is no pacifist. You hit him, he'll hit back just as hard.

See, now this is a problem. I now know this is a Bandit's Hideout. A BH. An HQ for Bandits. There are lots of bandity goodness in there. Bandity and dangerous goodness.

Markus isn't one to rush headlong into the unknown. He's a cautious man, not one for large adventures. He's just a hunter. However, his need to help people is very high. He doesn't like bandits, especially after finding that poor young woman on the side of the road a couple nights ago.

Riverwood is but a few hundred yards away. Bandits could be gearing up to attack the town, thinking the mine is a great spot. It looks abandoned and not really kept up judging by the outside of it.

I feel the need to wipe out the bandit hole, perhaps run them out. If Markus takes them all out, then Riverwood will be safe for a while. No bandits to worry about, at least in the mine area. And then maybe the people can use it again.

I grip my axe tighter and grit my teeth. Walking towards the mine entrance, I take a deep breath and plunge in.

Tendrils of smoke and dust swirl around me and I stare down into the maw of the mine. A deep slop leads down, and only darkness greets me as I move forward. Every little sound puts me on edge, my footsteps are quiet, though, and I sneak, my hunter's reflexes kicking in.

I stop short as I hear voices around the corner.

I inch every so slowly forward.

Unfortunately, just as they come into view, a shout rang out from one of them. I was spotted! I immediately rush in, my axe held high and I scream to try and strike fear in their hearts!

A short battle later, and I'm outfitted in some new fur armour.

Well, that wasn't so bad. They were actually kind of pushovers. At least I have a shirt now. I proceed with more confidence. I hear more voices ahead.

Those voices are also dispatched easily.

This guy landed rather painfully. I hope he was dead before he hit that position. A bit deeper in the cave, I run across a rather gruesome sight (other than half-naked bandits, of course).

Gold that no one has claimed. Disgusting.

My blood boils a bit to learn of a brother Nord being forced to work down in these mines. I slam the book shut and my eyes flick to see more bandits running up. I toss the book down beside the skeleton and rush in, taking them out easily.

A cozy little nook to loot-er-look for supplies.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of leveling up by reading a book. I'll pick my perk later, for now, we've got bandits to kill. Revenge for our Nord brother!

These guys have quite the setup down here.

I finally eradicate all the bandits and find the other end of the mine.

It leads straight out near Riverwood, and I feel justified, I think I might have saved the entire town from complete destruction.

I take a moment to enjoy the view.

Hmm. Weird stones. Dunno what they might be doing out here. Seems like I shouldn't touch them though.

Wonder what that is. I'll have to check it out at some point, looks like some sort of ruins.

I take the time to upgrade my stamina, but I still decide to wait on choosing a perk until tonight.

I meet another hunter on the road, but he really doesn't have anything of interest.

Holy Mara, wish I could sell my pelts for that much!

*goes pale* I've....I've been poaching? Like, actually poaching?! Why did no one tell me this! I mean, I haven't shot any actual deer yet, just Elk and wolves, but...gosh, I guess I'll have to pass on the deer then, if it's illegal. Really don't want to be sent to jail.

I notice it's getting dark, and I head back to Riverwood through a little shortcut trail my map says is here. I then head into the Riverwood Trader to sell all of the stuff I got in the mine.

Also, I sell off my extra meat. Nice! I can afford a horse now!

On the way back to Whiterun, I snag an Elk and it takes until about 10:30pm to completely break it down into meat and hide. I did gain a bit of experience, though, and only came out with a poor hide rather than a ruined one. I'm getting better.

Oh, hey, this guy! Sorry about yesterday when I shot you. You okay? Good, looks like he didn't die and he doesn't mention the incident, so I just leave him be and continue to Whiterun.

*shakes fist* You will be mine, Midnight Sun! Or, whatever I name you.

With only a moose head for company and over a thousand gold in my pocket, I'd say it was a profitable day!

I pick a perk in Light Armour and then hit the sack. I stayed up a bit late, but I should get up about 8 or 9. As for tomorrow...I really need to get that mammoth tusk. I'll make a more concentrated effort and see if I can snag one for Ysolda.

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