Sunday, September 21, 2014

Part 6: Journeying to Riften

Last time, we were planning to go to Riften and were sleeping over at Windhelm until morning.

When I wake up, I'm listening to the sounds of the bard singing her heart out.

Not quite the wake-up call I wanted. It's about 6 in the morning and I drag my self out of bed and stretch a little, nodding to the barkeeper as I walk out towards the stables.

The crisp cold air greets me and I check my map before I saddle up.

A long road ahead so I better get going.

As I journey along, I think back on the request to kill Grelod the Kind. There's no way I can do that, it just goes against everything of what I follow. I can't just go up to someone and kill them in cold blood unless they've attacked me first. And I doubt an old woman is going to attack a strange man who shows up at her doorstep.

Hmm. Still not brave enough to take one on, and there is a second one off-screen to the left. No giant though, so at least herds exist without those guys running around.

Nevermind, the mammoths were just around the corner from this place.

I run across a group who sounds like they're lost and I hop off my horse to greet them and give them some directions to Solitude, as I have a pretty good map.

Well, he's pretty rude, so I hope he blunders into that large fire in the background.

Busy roads! I also come across two folks bothering a woman, though I had to search for a while before I saw her, as she was hidden pretty well in the bushes:

When I walk up, they disperse. I guess they were looking for someone who looked like the woman, but I didn't talk to them. Hope they find who they're looking for in a non-threatening manner next time.

I find a nice eye-candy spot to snap a photo without the HUD.

I ran across this watchtower where it the guards have been killed. A shame really, but I don't really take anything off of them other than their arrows.

Nice view from inside the tower.

The view is kind of ruined with the dead bodies and the locked chest though. If I was anybody else, I'd be ripping into that chest to find out what's inside. But, I always sell or throw out my lockpicks, as Markus doesn't need them. He doesn't steal what's locked.

One guard does have something I'm incredibly interested in. An amulet of Kynareth. This will help me send prayers to the goddess as well as give me some extra stamina.

Unsure if Akar was amongst the dead, I honestly didn't pay attention. So, either Akar is dead, or never got this info.

Just south of the watchtower is a nice little outcropping of buildigs called Shore's Stone. There's a mine nearbye, campfires, blacksmith, things of that sort.

I take one of the many wolf pelts I have (seriously, I keep getting attacked by wolves on this journey, and it's not incredibly interesting to show), and make a backpack.

I then add my Amulet of Kynareth to it so it's out of the way and doesn't get caught on anything when it's around my neck.

Not much in the nearbye houses, though I do run into this woman. She's unable to travel and needs to get some items to her parents who live in Darkwater Crossing

I take it on, because again, I'll probably end up going that way. It's the opposite way of where I'm going, but I can swing around when going back to Windhelm.

I step outside, and a few bandits attack the folks, though, there are Riften guards to help us out.

And thus, the short life of the blacksmith, Filnjar ends. We knew him so--actually, we didn't know him well at all, actually. I sold a fox pelt to him, that's it. What an idiot, rushing in without a weapon and only a blacksmith apron to shield him.

To punish his stupidity, I take his house key, silver ring, and gold that he had on him.

Though, there's not much in his house that I want or feel right taking. I mean, his body probably isn't even cold yet. I can make myself at home on the way back.

With it getting late and starting to rain, I set up camp a little ways off from the main area.

After a good nights sleep (I kept nice and dry due to the leather tent), I have finally found my way to Riften!

Awwww, are we there yet?!

More towers, though, I'm determined to get to Riften, so I don't stop and investigate. There's a live guard walking around, so I assume everyone isn't dead.

There we go! That looks like a major city! I stable my horse at the...well...stables, and then head towards the front gate to enter in and talk some sense into Grelod.

What?! Visitor tax! No way! What for?

I am on very important business here. I've got to convince an old woman not to beat up on young children. This is quite obviously extortion of visitors to your city! I protested this loudly and started to get the attention of the nearby people.

Riften doesn't look to bad actually, at first glance. It is sunny out though, it probably helps it. A nice fresh sun paint always helps things look better. Pretty much immediately, Skyrim starts throwing quests at me left and right, trying to convince me to do something. I stoutly ignore all of them and head deeper inside.

Where I am scrutinized by the locals as of my intentions in the city.

Yeah, I noticed that.

I wander around the city a bit, trying to find the orphanage when I discover the market circle.

Madesi makes his own jewelry and seems like a rather nice fellow. He asks if I can look for supplies for him on my travels, but I tell him I have to think about it. I'll probably accept though, because as long as I'm doing stuff anyway, might as well have a few other things to look for. As long as it doesn't take me into dark, dangerous caves of doom.

There is no way I'm living here.

And, thankfully, I'm not living here. I crack my knuckles and go on in, hoping that what the boy said wasn't true.

I think it might be true.

Just gettin' that vibe, you see.

And so, on that note, I have to think about how to go about this. Maybe I can tell a guard that she's torturing the children and doing horrible things. Then maybe they will arrest her!

I exit the orphanage and head to the tavern to think.

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  1. Ah, if only there was a 'tell a guard' option, the RP would be much stronger.