Saturday, September 27, 2014

Part 13: Brotherhood Takedown

Walking up to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary might have been the most foolhardy thing I've ever done in my life. But, I'm determined. I have to take these guys out.

Technology has gotten pretty good in Skyrim, to the point where you too can program your very own door password system! Yes, the DOOR asks you the password. Not a person, who then checks to make sure they recognize you. The door.

Great security here, guys. It's almost as if anyone who learns the password can just walk right on in.

I walk right on in and am greeted by the lovely shades of gold of this place.

It's a bit tense going in, mainly because I don't know where anyone is, and I heard these guys are quite strong in their abilities.

The first guy I find goes down easily enough. He had just leapt out of bed and was on his way to attack me when I fired a few arrows. He didn't stand much of a chance.

I'm pretty tense through this whole ordeal, and expecting people to hear the fighting and rush in all at once. I have no idea how many members there are, but this seems like a pretty big place.

I fire off a couple shots at an Argonian I see, but he's pretty quick on his feet and reaches me pretty fast. My axe takes him out fairly quickly.

These guys are kind of pushovers, where's the great skill I keep hearing about? These are just like the bandits that attack me--no thought to strategy.

A strange stone structure sits in the corner of the large chamber I'm in. There are ancient runes written all over it and one of the runes glows almost menacingly. I'm almost drawn to it, but I resist it's hold over me and give it a wide berth. Tendrils of light start to swirl out of it whenever I get closer, and I have no desire to know what it does.

I was attacked and killed this guy so fast, I didn't manage to catch a picture of the fight. It went sort of like this:

A man jumped out of the shadows with a scimitar held high!

I stuck my axe in his face and he died!

That's about it.

At this point, the fights aren't very interesting and I'm slightly angered by how fast they're dying. I wanted a grand struggle against good and evil, and these guys are just falling over whenever I breath on 'em.

But at least I can share with you glorious spurts of blood as I rush in and take them out!

When I'm done, an overwhelming sense of accomplishment washes over me, and I feel as though I have completed my mission in full. I put away my axe and rifle through the sanctuary briefly, grabbing any gold I see--hey, a man has to eat--and also checking for any victims who might have family on the outside so I can explain their fate.

I see this skeleton in the spider pit (yes, they had a spider pit, doesn't seem very safe), and find a note under the body:

(cont.) Sanctuary itself. I don't have time to even think about the dangers. The truth must be known!

~Gaston Bellefort

He must have run in completely naked and without weapons, because, frankly, I didn't see threatening things anywhere. The spider they had was taken out with one hit by my axe!


I then leave the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary behind, Taking only the note and a book I found entitled The Night Mother's Truth. I'll be reading that later.

With all that "challenge", I can now level up. I put some more points into health this time, probably going to take some stamina next time. I decide that Armsman is probably a good perk to take, as I've been using my one handed weapon more than I thought I would. It's handy in a pinch and when there isn't room to draw back a bow.

Since Commander Maro is up in Dragon Bridge, I head northwest to swing into Markarth and get that city marked on my map. On my way up, I daydreamed briefly of the songs they would sing in my honor....

(sung to the tune of Age of Oppression)

The Dark Brotherhood was a den full of theives,
Telling us they were the ones to believe.
We were to fear their Black Sacrament chant,
and brandish a knife rubbed with nightshade plant!

Then Markus, a hunter who came from Whiterun,
Said that their takedown had only begun
He had taken out Astrid, their leader of old
And had freed her captives from being controlled!

Then Markus went right into their den
His bow drawn back and ready to end
the Dark Brotherhood came rushing at him
But he bravely kept hacking at all of their limbs

Markus, the hero of all Tamriel,
A man full of honor, and stories to tell!
Of him fighting the evil surrounding us all
When we have an issue, he's at beck and call!

But, that might be just a dream. I smiled, maybe I should give my idea to a bard, and he could make it better and make it seem that there was a great fight...I shook my head, laughing at my dreams of being famous. I don't think that would ever happen.

A sawmill is right off the road, so I stop off there to speak with the owner.

Oh yeah...that "war" that's going on. I haven't seen much proof of fighting, other than the patrols that attack each other when they meet. But, I guess that could be a war. More like a quick skirmish though.

Getting kind of a strange vibe from this place. Their butchered meat isn't even prepared properly and is just laying around all over the place.

Nice! Just the place for me!

There's not much in the building, though, but I head into the nearby valley to check out the camp that I see below.

This guy sees a deer and chases after it, so I stay behind to watch his things.

I feel bad, almost like I'm flaunting how awesome my tent looks over his.

I guess he wasn't able to take it out, so he comes back and sits on my side of the camp. Oh well, I can sit in my tent. I decide to stay here for the night, but it's not quite time for bed.

I do a little hunting, as there are wolves nearby. It takes me a couple hours to get them all dressed down and butchered though.

I spend the night pretty nice, even bagging an Elk in the morning. I don't have time to butcher it though, so I sling it across the back of Arrow and head out.

The trip becomes miserable pretty fast.

I am drenched through pretty quick, and the road is pretty hard to see.

It clears up nicely though, and we get this awesome view.

That looks a bit ominous.

I finally meet another traveler, but he's on his way to Windhelm. Wow, you've got a long journey ahead of you without a horse. Why don't you take the carriage?

A mine near here seems to be having trouble with their mine--it has been overrun with some monsters. I wish them luck and head on my way.

I finally run across Markarth, but I don't go inside, I'll come back later. There's no business to really tend to in this area, and I have squat for sales items. I pay 20 gold for a ride to Solitude, as I'm getting pretty tired and grungy from traveling.

One room rented later, and I'm ready to hit the sack.

In the morning, I'll head for Dragon Bridge to let the Commander know I've taken out the Dark Brotherhood.

Good night, Skyrim.

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  1. Hooray! The Dark Brotherhood is now gone and the word wall was like poison to Markus! xD
    Never trust magic says Sylvir! :P

  2. It's a good thing you were so low leveled when taking on the Brotherhood or they may of been a problem. Because of the glorious scaling that Skyrim does with it's enemies in terms of your lvl, you really never got much of a challenge.