Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Part 9: Stranger in a Strange Land

Well, I'm somewhat in a pickle.

I'm in Morthal, the butt-crack of Skyrim, no horse, no carriage to ride and only my boots for walking.

I consult my map and decide to head west a bit for Dragon Bridge town to let the Commander know about what's going on. Then, maybe I can hunt for the rest of those Dark Brotherhood mercenaries. Every time I think about them, it's just so much anger filling up. I was kidnapped and almost forced to kill someone! At least I took out the leader, that means they're going to be running around not knowing what to do.

Time to get out of this ramshackle town.

Not many roads out here, going to have to go straight through the forest to get to Dragon Bridge.

Not really sure if this is a friendly place, so I walk a good distance around it. I'm starting to get cold, and I think it's going to rain soon, so I hope I find a place to rest and warm up.

As if answering my wish, a cabin suddenly shows up through the trees. It is small and quaint. I could see msyelf living here.

If it weren't for the dead guy. I drag him out of the house and give him a proper burial. In the nearby bushes.

Judging by this, he had Rockjoint. I've heard of this sickness before. I think it's a pretty bad way to go, I've heard you swell up everywhere, and just are unable to move from the pain. And if you don't have a helper, you just die from starvation or exposure.

I stare out into the rain a bit, trying to get warm.

When the rain passes, I continue on, finding a road. All of a sudden, a man who looks like a fugitive runs up to me and shoves a Warhammer into my hands.

I fumble with it, trying to give it back, but he runs off and I sigh. Skyrim is literally shoving quests into my hands now.

What is this, Riften? I run across a Skooma dealer and glare at him. I don't approve of Skooma, as I've seen my friends try it before. They always go on about how awesome it is and how I should try it, and how it makes them stronger and faster. I've not been one for that scene, but, I am curious.

I go ahead and pass for now, though, my curiosity is peaked. I wonder what it would be like?

Another guy just runs up to me and asks about a fugitive. I point down the road where I saw him go, and try to drop the hammer to give to that guy, but, he just ignored it. So, I guess I have a free hammer. Which I will sell at the earliest opportunity.

At least I can still hunt. I may be horseless, but I am not without my skills.

It takes a few hours to dress, skin, and butcher the elk, but in the end, I manage to slice off 35 pieces of meat, a poor pelt, and a couple small bones.

And due to the weight I'm carrying, I decide to slow down, walk, and enjoy the sights.

And walk.

And walk.

And dear Mara, I wish I had my horse. I feel in pain I'm going so slow.

A rush of exhilaration washes over me as I inch across the border to Dragon Bridge.

Finally! I'm able to sell my wares! Even though, she is a bit rude. I'm not here to cause trouble, once I'm done with my errand, I'm heading up the river to Solitude so I can catch a carriage back to Whiterun.

After selling most of my elk meat, I can now walk around unhindered by my other 200 pounds of equipment. Looking around the town, there isn't much here, but I do find the Commander's house.

He's a bit disbelieving of my story, but I show him the sword (that I plan to sell later) and he recognizes it as Astrid's, the leader of the Dark Brotherhood.

"How did you manage to kill her?" He asks, examining the sword.

"She kidnapped me and took me to an abandoned shack out in the middle of nowhere." I explain.

Maro looked up sharply. "Now, why in the world would she do something like that?"

I shrug, not about to tell him the truth. "Because I'm handsome?"

Maro just looked at me. I grinned. "Joke."

"Ah." He rolled his eyes slightly and rubbed his mustache. "This is a stroke of good fortune. With the leader dead, now is a good time to strike. I've recently learned where their hideout is, and what password will get you inside. It's 'Silence, my Brother.' Every agent in that hold must be put down!"

I shook the hand he thrust forward. "I'll be glad to do it. For too long, they've caused fear in the land and I'll not see it go any farther."

Maro nodded once. "Do this, and you will be rewarded most handsomely!"

I then leave, tired from my journey all day, and since it's so late, I head to the inn to rent a room.

And they call me suspicious? At least I don't have "Shady" in my name.

Something is just not right when you've got two heads hanging over your bed. Also, no door, again.

The next day, the walk up the road is fairly quiet. I'm not really attacked by anything, and except for the occasional guard, I don't see many people. I take this time to contemplate my next move after getting back to Whiterun. I still need to see the Jarl about a home, and I still haven't seen prices pick up from selling my pelts. I'll probably stick around Whiterun for a time, just to get to know the people there, and then maybe they'll pay more for my things.

Yep, that's what I'll do. Odd jobs and make nice with the townfolk. I need a good place to settle, and so far, Whiterun is very nice.

Solitude shows up in the distance! And huzzah, a stable! That means there should be a carriage that can take me to Whiterun.

I might buy another horse when I've got the money, then maybe I can have my own little stable.

But since the city is right here, I might as well go in and sell some stuff I've gotten. Walking in the city, it appears I've arrived just in time for an execution.

Huzzah! *applaudes*

The crowd seems upset...was this guy liked? Was he not a murderer?

Greta explains to me what happened. According to her, he opened up the gates to let Ulfric Stormcloak (Jarl of Windhelm who started this whole rebellion thing I've been hearing about) into the city with the intention of challenging the then-High King Torygg (Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Game).

While accounts vary, it seems that Ulfric just stormed in and...shouted the High King to death?

I almost laughed, I mean, how can you shout a man to death?

So after Ulfric "shouted" a man to death, he ran off, and Roggvir apparently opened the front gate for him. Roggvir always said until the end though, that he had no idea what had happened, and even if he did, it was not murder, it was the way the Nords fight.

Well, I'm a Nord, and I certainly never shouted anyone to death.

I decide to relax a bit and change out of my gross smelly clothes I've been wearing for a while now, and change into some fresh ones while the others are laundered.

With not much else in the city that I want to do, and eager to get back "home", I go ahead and rent a carriage back to Whiterun.

It's about 7:30pm when we arrive, and thankfully, my horse is okay. The stablemaster has been feeding him, and I pay him back by buying a Horsecaller. This will help me if I ever get into that sort of situation again if I'm without my horse.

I went to find the Jarl, but he was sleeping, so I figured I would come back in the morning to ask about that house.

With a full tavern, and a full belly, I slip off to bed, hoping that I won't be attacked and dragged out in the middle of the night.

Tomorrow, odd jobs, hunting, and maybe learning how much a house would cost me.

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