Monday, September 29, 2014

Part 15: A New Home

Ysolda, dear, I love you, but your house is not built for two people.

So, on my way to Shore's Stone to give Verner's Satchel back to Sylgja. Poor woman could probably have walked there and back by now, and I did promise to bring her back news of her parents.

As you can see, we have a small journey ahead, but shouldn't take too long.

Oh, no. Really? These guys? They better be guards, and not bandits.

My sentiments exactly.

Nothing exciting in the battle, I beat them up pretty good, and the last guy even yielded, so I let him run off. I hope he tells his buddy to stay away from this part of the road, because, man, I really gotta talk to the Jarl about this.

Okay, that's it. This is the fourth time I've caught these guys harassing women on the road. Time to see what's up.

Okay, and that just gives you the right to verbally attack women on the main roads?

Guess what, this isn't Whiterun! Go up the road a bit and check IN Whiterun! Get off my road! If  I see you again on these roads, I may just have to intervene for good so the women of Skyrim can be safe.

No cat sneaks up on me while I'm just walking down the road. You'll get an axe to the face!

Oh, a house. Maybe I can rest a bit inside.

Gosh, everywhere I go, just Skooma this and Skooma that. Must be some good stuff, but, I am on an errand and can't be distracted.

A couple hours later, I finally meet up with Sylgja. She pays me with a silver ring, though I try and give it back, because, it's not like I was the fastest messenger. She insisted I take it, and I never refuse twice.

The trip back was pretty boring. It is nice to see Whiterun up ahead though.

Remember, always leave nature how you left it!

While hunting, I come across a strange tree.

It's very pretty, but it doesn't seem to do anything. It's right in the middle of a giant's camp, so I don't get too close.

I sleep out overnight, and then head to Riverwood, hearing that there was a house for sale. As I trot over the bridge, I can see it, and it looks very nice.

The previous owners had just left for a new life in Markarth, and it was up for sale for a nice cheap price of only 4,000 gold. I jump at the chance, but take a look around first.

And of course, try out the different features it has.

A nice cozy kitchen and dining area, once I get a fire started, it'll be much warmer too.

Yes, I will take this house. I payed Avor the 4,000 gold and he gave me the key. I was excited to move in, but I had to let Ysolda know that I had a house for her here. Since it was getting later, I decided to pay a messenger boy to take a letter to her.

While waiting for her to arrive, I decided to set up things so they were comfortable.

Like your new stable, Arrow?

There's a grey fox running around, and seems keen to stick to me wherever I go. I've taken to calling him Moy.

Dude, get off my lawn.

Ysolda arrived and was extremely excited about the home. She got right to work making us some fresh bread.

She requested I chop some wood for the cooking fire, though, and I headed down to the basement.

One yummy dinner later, and I was stuffed and happy.

After dinner, I said my evening prayers to Kynareth.

A quick stop at the sauna, and I felt stronger, like I could carry more things.

I then end the day with nice bit of fishing for a meal. Tomorrow, heading to Markarth to deliver the contract I was given from the man in Riften.

And then, I should be able to relax again for a couple days before needing to go on a big hunt.

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