Thursday, September 18, 2014

Part 3: A Large Task

*As of 9/17 I added the Hunterborn mod, however, I had already played and taken snapshots for today's posting, so Hunterborn will kick in next post and I'll go over the interesting aspects of that. I have updated the Introduction page for a link to that mod.*

Next time turning the game on, this beautiful splash screen greeted me:

Yeah, believe me, I'm not going to be heading there anytime soon after greeted by that wonderful face.

After Markus gets up early (about 7 or 8), I head out to find Ysolda to take on her mammoth tusk quest:

Well, I'd rather have gold, but if you teach me some speech skill, that'd be fine as well. Also, before I completely head out, here's a little glimpse of my level screen so we have a comparison at the end of the day:

I'm thinking of concentrating on Sneak, Archery, One-Handed for unavoidable fights up-close, and some sort of Light Armour skill. My last character I ran he was just a big buff heavy armour user and only two handed weapons. I might try and use the shields and things like that this time around.

I head out of the city, passing by the stables on the way into the wild fields to look for game to hunt.

You will be mine someday, horse. Someday.

The field doesn't have too much to offer at first, as I run across mostly dead things.

Yeah, this guy's "mostly" dead, right? Can't even loot it. Those antlers are nice.

Found a mammoth tusk! Oh....wait...I can't actually HAVE it. Moving on.

Hearing rumors of live mammoths in a westward area called Bleakwind Basin, I start heading over towards that area, and run across the Khajiit traders headed out of town.

They don't have anything I need though, just odds and ends, so I just continue onwards.

These sort of things are nice little touches. Just an abandoned house out in the middle of a giant field. Looks as though it was burned down or perhaps ransacked.

And a chest was hidden inside under the floorboards! Two gold get! It's a small amount, but it brings me up to 301 gold, and I need every bit I can. This was a pleasant surprise actually, I didn't expect there to be anything actually in the house, I just checked it on a hunch.

First kill of the day! Little fox was just standing by some rocks, and I sneaked up to it and shot an arrow right into it's little hide. Which I then gleefully ripped off and stuck in my pocket.

Mammoths! I let loose a couple arrows towards them from a safe distance, and I didn't appear to do any damage, so I'll just let them lumber by for now. I might need better arrows.

Dynamic fox takedown!

After the last fox, I see this guy near the mammoths, and I'm almost glad my arrow didn't connect, or else I'd probably be dead. The giant doesn't seem to mind me just walking by without any weapon drawn, so he continues herding his mammoths across the basin.

Little more wandering and I'm attacked by about four wolves in quick succession.

This guy's face was just too precious to leave out.

Two dead elk and four dead wolves later, I'm rolling in pelts, meat and antlers.


Bleakwind Basin discovered! Giants and mammoths seem to roam around here, but I still can't seem to harm the mammoths. I'll have to consult the local archery teacher (coughwikicough) to find out what I might be doing wrong.

While fumbling around trying to kill the mammoth, a giant didn't like that I was getting too close with a weapon drawn and he chased me a fair distance away, I almost had gotten back to Whiterun by the time he stopped (or, by the time I was brave enough to look behind me and see where he was).

Today's hunt was good, so I convert everything into leather and leather strips so I can make a small leather tent. This will help when I'm away from cities and want to stay dry in the rain. I'll need to do more hunting for a fur tent though, if I want to head north from here. I might go farther south though and hang around Riverwood for a while. There are deeper woods there and might be more chance for better game.

I also sell off the rest of the elven armour, donning the fur items I have already. So, I don't have any helmet, gauntlets, or really a shirt, so I'm hoping to find a better set that covers up everything.

I head back towards the town square (actually, more of a circle), and run across Carlotta, one of the venders who sells fruts and veggies.

I strike up a small conversation with her, and turns out she has a bit of trouble on her hands.

Now, Markus doesn't claim to be a fighting type, confrontational man. He'll go out and kill deer, foxes and mammoths all day long from long range, but when it comes to brawling with fists, he's not much for that scene. However, a woman's honor is at at stake here, and I feel obligated to help. If only because it's in town and sounds somewhat easy.

I head into the Bannered Mare to look for Mikael.

I let him know to leave her alone, and that no means no. I think he assumes I want her for myself, because he gets very defensive.

But with a little persuasion, his hackles go down and I convince him that he really should stop bothering her in case he wants a warrant served. In the shape of my fist, right in the middle of his face. I also learn the tidbit that she is a widow. So I hope I can learn more about her later.

Carlotta is very thankful, shoving 250 gold into my hands. Hey, not bad for just a quick in and out of a nearby building! I could get used to these sort of "quests"!

Since it's not quite dark yet, I go out for another hunt, and also reflect on the local scenery.

Also, while hunting, I saw some movement in the trees and accidentally shoot some Khajiit named M'aiq the Liar (he's not in the picture, I think he's behind the tree). I try and go up to him to say sorry, but he just runs around saying "I yield, I yield!" And I'm trying to shout back "I'm sorry! You looked like a deer!"

He just runs around cowering, and I leave him to his devices. Can't have been too bad, with him having the name of "Liar". Though, since it was an accident, I hope I don't get in trouble for it.

I do more harvesting for the local farmers, selling the cabbages and potatoes I have to them, and then head back into the city as it is now getting dark proper.

You will be mine. And I will call you Star Dancer! Maybe. Probably not.

Well, excuse me for trying to have a conversation, lady.

And then, a quest is forced upon me due to a misclick. Skyrim has forced this quest on me, and I'll have to now think of a reason why Markus would do this. *grumble*

One rented room later, and we can level up!

I decide to go with expanding my health and putting a perk into my archery tree. I usually up my health the first few level ups, and then put a lot into stamina. I feel though, this time around I'll be running away from things quite a bit, so I might go with stamina immediately after this.

Now, this is a dilemma. This technically wouldn't be stealing, but it really doesn't belong to me, so the gold piece must stay in the bedside table. If things are indoors, Markus will not take them (unless it's required by a quest).

Markus ends the day with about a 9 hour sleep and we'll be ready to head back Riverwood tomorrow, or even more south if time permits.

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  1. You can't actually TAKE them, haha, this game.

    1. Yeah, it's a wee bit frustrating. >.< Thanks for commenting and I'm glad you're enjoying it!